Free Kindle Books PG Files 14801 - 14900

14801 Evald Ferdinand Jahnsson: En

14802 Theodolinda Hahnsson: Huutolaiset

14803 Goncourt: Journal des Goncourt (Deuxieme Volume)

14804 Andre Leo: La Guerre Sociale

14805 Jose-Maria de Heredia: Les trophees

14806 Jules Verne: La Jangada

14807 Theodolinda Hahnsson: Marjapojat

14809 Jordanes: The Origin and Deeds of the Goths

14810 Jules Verne: La maison α vapeur

14811 Woodrow Wilson: The New Freedom

14812 Edwin Asa Dix: A Midsummer Drive Through The Pyrenees (3.135 MByte)

14813 Maurice Hewlett: The Life and Death of Richard Yea-and-Nay

14814 Beatrix Potter: The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck (4.365 MByte)

14815 George W. Peck: Peck's Compendium of Fun (7.073 MByte)

14816 Victor Catala: La Mare Balena

14817 Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch: The White Wolf and Other Fireside Tales

14818 George Barr McCutcheon: The Daughter of Anderson Crow (2.465 MByte)

14820 Hector Malot: Une femme d'argent

14821 George Douglass Sherley: A Spray of Kentucky Pine

14822 Hermenegildo Cruz: Kartilyang Makabayan

14823 Donald Hankey: A Student in Arms

14824 Lucy Abbot Throop: Furnishing the Home of Good Taste (4.087 MByte)

14825 Samuel P. Orth: Our Foreigners

14826 Lewis Spence: Mythen en Legenden van Egypte

14827 Francois Pierre Guillaume Guizot: Etude sur Shakspeare

14828 Narcisse-Henri-Edouard Faucher de Saint-Maurice: Les iles

14829 Various: Our Holidays (2.322 MByte)

14830 Anonymous: Aljaska en de Canada-spoorweg

14831 Horatio Alger: Andy Grant's Pluck

14832 John Oxenham: A Maid of the Silver Sea

14833 Thomas Preskett Prest: Varney the Vampire (8.738 MByte)

14834 John Mason Tyler: The Whence and the Whither of Man (1.228 MByte)

14835 Alice Duer Miller: The Burglar and the Blizzard (1.742 MByte)

14836 Annie Allnut Brassey: A Voyage in the 'Sunbeam' (10.873 MByte)

14837 Beatrix Potter: The Tale of Tom Kitten (1.094 MByte)

14838 Beatrix Potter: The Tale of Peter Rabbit (1.333 MByte)

14839 Jose Rizal: Filipinas Dentro De Cien Anos (Estudio Politico-Social)

14840 Juho Reijonen: Vaihdokas

14842 Various: Lippincott's Magazine, Vol. 36, September 1880

14843 W.D. Lighthall: The Manor House of Lacolle

14844 Francis Lynde: The Taming of Red Butte Western (1.181 MByte)

14847 Jules Verne: Veden paalla liikkuva kaupunki

14848 Beatrix Potter: The Story of Miss Moppet

14849 Margaret Bird Steinmetz: Leaves of Life

14850 Louis Couperus: Het zwevende schaakbord

14851 J. S. LeFanu: Uncle Silas (1.185 MByte)

14852 Robert W. Chambers: The Younger Set (1.818 MByte)

14853 Louis Tracy: The Stowmarket Mystery

14854 Julie M. Lippmann: Martha By-the-Day

14855 Douglass Sherley: A Few Short Sketches

14857 Francis Loring Payne: The Story of Versailles

14858 Harriet T. Comstock: The Man Thou Gavest

14859 Howard R. Garis: Daddy Takes Us to the Garden (1.603 MByte)

14860 Walter Scott: The Journal of Sir Walter Scott (3.370 MByte)

14861 Eino Leino: Kivesjarvelaiset; Simo Hurtta; Bellerophon

14862 Kauppis-Heikki: Laara

14863 Maria Thompson Daviess: The Tinder-Box

14864 Pietari Paivarinta: Elaman hawainnoita V

14865 Alun: Gwaith Alun (1.177 MByte)

14866 William Wood: Animal Sanctuaries in Labrador

14867 Frank F. Ellinwood: Oriental Religions and Christianity

14868 Beatrix Potter: The Tailor of Gloucester (3.518 MByte)

14869 A.H. Laidlaw: Soldier Songs and Love Songs

14870 Alfred Hopkinson: Rebuilding Britain

14871 Mary Alice Walton: Poems

14872 Beatrix Potter: The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin (4.133 MByte)

14873 G. B. N. Tower: Instructions on Modern American Bridge Building

14874 Martha Finley: Elsie's Womanhood

14875 Martha Finley: Elsie's Children

14876 Joseph A. Altsheler: The Forest Runners

14877 Beatrix Potter: The Tale of Ginger and Pickles (1.142 MByte)

14878 Oscar Ludvig Olson: The Relation of the Hrolfs Saga Kraka

14879 Cyril Burleigh: The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island

14880 William Holmes McGuffey: McGuffey's Fourth Eclectic Reader

14881 Hezekiah Butterworth: The Log School-House on the Columbia (5.304 MByte)

14882 Dillon Wallace: Bobby of the Labrador

14883 Martha Finley: Grandmother Elsie

14884 Henry C. Lahee: Famous Violinists of To-day and Yesterday

14885 Mary Cholmondeley: Red Pottage

14886 Albert Venn Dicey: England's Case Against Home Rule

14887 Various: Pipe and Pouch

14888 Joseph Conrad and Ford M. Hueffer: The Inheritors

14889 Janet Aldridge: The Meadow-Brook Girls Under Canvas (1.486 MByte)

14890 Joseph Altsheler: The Hunters of the Hills

14891 Joseph A. Altsheler: The Rulers of the Lakes

14892 William Minto: Daniel Defoe

14893 Forrestine C. Hooker: Prince Jan, St. Bernard

14894 Pietari Paivarinta: Elaman hawainnoita VI

14895 John Habberton: All He Knew

14896 Jacques Futrelle: The Diamond Master

14897 Sophie Fox Sea: That Old-Time Child, Roberta

14898 Algot Lange: In The Amazon Jungle

14899 Anonymous: Some Remarks on the Tragedy of Hamlet

14900 Peter Nielsen: The Black Man's Place in South Africa