Free Kindle Books PG Files 13701 - 13800

13703 Colette: La maison de Claudine

13704 Edmond About: L'homme a l'oreille cassee

13705 Justus van Maurik, jr: Op reis en thuis (1.684 MByte)

13706 William Starr Myers: Socialism and American ideals

13707 Nathaniel Hawthorne: Twice Told Tales

13708 Robert Cortes Holliday: Walking-Stick Papers

13709 Alfred Lewis: Wolfville Nights

13712 Various: Notes & Queries, No. 27. Saturday, May 4, 1850

13713 Various: Notes & Queries, No. 30. Saturday, May 25, 1850

13714 Day: Materials Toward A Bibliography Of The Works Of Talbot Mundy

13715 Edward R. Pease: The History of the Fabian Society

13716 John Munro: A Trip to Venus

13717 Edward C. Taylor: Ted Strong's Motor Car

13718 Edwin M. Bacon: Manual of Ship Subsidies

13720 Herman Melville: Mardi: and A Voyage Thither, Vol. I (of 2)

13721 Herman Melville: Mardi: and A Voyage Thither, Vol. II (of 2)

13722 Mary Scharlieb and F. Arthur Sibly: Youth and Sex

13723 Arnold Bennett: Leonora

13724 Charles Egbert Craddock: The Frontiersmen

13725 H. L. Havell: Stories from the Odyssey (3.382 MByte)

13726 Plato: Apology, Crito, and Phaedo of Socrates

13727 Michel Zevaco: Les Pardaillan, Tome 06, Les amours du Chico

13728 Mrs. Humphry Ward: Marcella (1.575 MByte)

13729 Various: Notes & Queries, No. 37. Saturday, July 13, 1850

13730 Richard Jefferies: The Amateur Poacher

13731 Zona Gale: Romance Island

13732 Paula Dehmel: Das liebe Nest (1.185 MByte)

13733 Teuvo Pakkala: Elsa

13734 Arthur Conan Doyle: Jim Harrison, boxeur

13735 Arthur Conan Doyle: La grande ombre

13736 Various: Notes & Queries, No. 39. Saturday, July 27, 1850

13737 Abert Le Roy: George Sand et ses amis

13738 Frederick Palmer: The Last Shot (1.063 MByte)

13739 Christopher Morley: Shandygaff

13740 Laura Jean Libbey: Mischievous Maid Faynie

13741 Various: The Bay State Monthly, Volume II. No. 2, November, 1884 (1.132 MByte)

13743 Marcel Proust: Le Cote de Guermantes, Troisieme Partie

13744 George Sand: Isidora (1.293 MByte)

13745 Juhani Aho: Lastuja IV-VII

13746 Robert H. Elliot: Gold, Sport, And Coffee Planting In Mysore (1.468 MByte)

13747 Various: Notes & Queries, No. 25. Saturday, April 20, 1850

13748 Calvin Coolidge: Have faith in Massachusetts; 2d ed.

13749 Thomas Stevens: Around the World on a Bicycle Volume II. (1.097 MByte)

13750 John Bunyan: The Heavenly Footman

13751 Various: Characters from 17th Century Histories and Chronicles

13752 Charles W. Whistler: Wulfric the Weapon Thane

13753 Amy Brooks: Dorothy Dainty's Gay Times (2.620 MByte)

13754 Edmund H. New: Evesham (2.504 MByte)

13755 W. Blanchard Jerrold: How to See the British Museum in Four Visits

13756 Nephi Anderson: Story of Chester Lawrence

13757 F. Marion Crawford: Saracinesca

13758 Etta Blaisdell McDonald: Gerda in Sweden

13759 David MacDill, Jonathan Blanchard,; Edward Beecher: Secret Societies

13760 George Lillie Craik: John Rutherford, the White Chief

13761 Various: The Bay State Monthly, Volume I. No. VI. June, 1884 (4.290 MByte)

13762 W. E. Cormack: Journey in Search of the Red Indians in Newfoundland

13763 Ethel M. Dell: The Lamp in the Desert

13764 Robert Lynd: The Art of Letters

13765 Gaston Leroux: Le mystere de la chambre jaune

13766 Arachne: Cobwebs of Thought

13767 Elizabeth Fry Page: Edward MacDowell

13768 Juhani Aho: Katajainen kansani

13769 Juhani Aho: Lohilastuja ja kalakaskuja

13770 Various: Lippincott's Magazine. Vol. XII, No. 33. December, 1873. (1.774 MByte)

13771 Charles Dickens: Aventures de Monsieur Pickwick, Vol. I (1.157 MByte)

13772 Gaston Leroux: Les etranges noces de Rouletabille

13773 Engracio Valmonte: Ang Mestisa, Ikalawang Bahagi (Second Volume)

13774 Ethel M. Dell: Rosa Mundi and Other Stories

13775 Grace Viall Gray: Every Step in Canning

13776 Anonymous: One Day

13777 T. Phelan: The Siege of Kimberley

13778 Elbert Hubbard: Little Journeys To the Homes of Famous Women (1.532 MByte)

13779 Juhani Aho: Minka mitakin Tyrolista

13780 Juhani Aho: Minka mitakin Italiasta

13781 Thomas Houston: The Life of James Renwick

13782 Mrs. Humphry Ward: Lady Rose's Daughter (1.660 MByte)

13783 Richard Bonner: The Boy Inventors' Radio Telephone

13784 Finley Peter Dunne: Mr. Dooley: In the Hearts of His Countrymen

13785 Stephen Coleridge: The Glory of English Prose

13786 Nordby: The Influence of Old Norse Literature on English Literature

13787 Johanna G. Lugt: Taormina

13788 Various: McClure's Magazine, Volume VI, No. 3, February 1896 (1.422 MByte)

13789 Ephraim Douglass Adams: Great Britain and the American Civil War (2.865 MByte)

13790 Lewis Melville: Life And Letters Of John Gay (1685-1732)

13791 Warren Hilton: Psychology and Achievement

13792 Charles Baudelaire: Journaux intimes

13793 Hector Malot: En famille

13794 Nikolai Vassilievitch Gogol: Tarass Boulba

13795 Arthur Conan Doyle: Nouveaux mysteres et aventures

13796 Various: The International Weekly Miscellany, Volume I. No. 8

13797 Various: The International Weekly Miscellany, Volume I. No. 9.

13798 Alexandre Pouchkine: La fille du capitaine

13799 A. T. Quiller-Couch: Old Fires and Profitable Ghosts