Free Kindle Books PG Files 12601 - 12700

12602 Aristide Filiatreault: Contes, anecdotes et recits Canadiens

12603 E. Grange, Decourcelle et Th. Barriere: La tete de Martin

12604 Leo Tolstoi: Ylosnousemus II

12605 Norman Macleod: Parish Papers

12607 Hugh McHugh: You Can Search Me

12608 Hugh McHugh: Get Next!

12609 Hugh McHugh: Back to the Woods

12610 Annie Roe Carr: Nan Sherwood's Winter Holidays

12611 E. Arnold Bennett: The Regent

12612 Minna Canth: Lyhyita kertomuksia

12613 Hjalmar Bergman: Eros' begravning

12615 William Allen Knight: The Song of our Syrian Guest

12616 Robert Lee Berry: Around Old Bethany

12617 Montague Massey: Recollections of Calcutta for over Half a Century (2.112 MByte)

12620 Louis Mullem: Contes d'Amerique

12621 Andrew Lang: The Book of Dreams and Ghosts

12622 Denis Florence MacCarthy: Poems

12623 Daniel Defoe: The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (1808 Edn.) (1.437 MByte)

12624 J. G. H. Barry: Our Lady Saint Mary

12625 Claude Fayette Bragdon: Architecture and Democracy

12626 Claude Phillips: The Earlier Work of Titian (2.028 MByte)

12627 D. Jose M. de Pereda: Escenas Montanesas

12628 Matthew Arnold: Selections from the Prose Works of Matthew Arnold

12629 Edward Sapir: Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech

12630 Thornton W. Burgess: The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad (2.213 MByte)

12631 Jane Andrews: The Seven Little Sisters

12632 James T. Fields: Yesterdays with Authors (1.195 MByte)

12633 Bjornstjerne Bjornson: A Happy Boy

12636 D. Albrecht Thoma: Katharina von Bora

12637 Justus van Maurik: Joris Komijn op de Tentoonstelling (4.690 MByte)

12639 Camilla Kenyon: Spanish Doubloons

12641 John Ruskin: The Queen of the Air

12642 Unknown: The Lady's Album of Fancy Work for 1850 (1.260 MByte)

12643 Stella Benson: Twenty

12644 Emile Cammaerts: Through the Iron Bars (1.531 MByte)

12646 Henry Bordeaux: La Maison

12647 Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: J. S. Le Fanu's Ghostly Tales, Volume 4

12648 Claude Fayette Bragdon: The Beautiful Necessity

12649 Claude Fayette Bragdon: The Beautiful Necessity

12651 Samuel Butler: The Humour of Homer and Other Essays

12652 Henry Cabot Lodge: George Washington, Vol. I (2.055 MByte)

12653 Henry Cabot Lodge: George Washington, Vol. II (2.531 MByte)

12654 Arnold Bennett: The Roll-Call

12655 Popular Mechanics: The Boy Mechanic: Volume 1 (1.479 MByte)

12656 Clair W. Hayes: The boy Allies at Liege

12657 Claude Phillips: The Later Works of Titian (1.991 MByte)

12658 Ambrose Bierce: Shapes of Clay

12659 Fannie Hurst: The Vertical City

12660 Ludolf Wienbarg: Soll die plattdeutsche Sprache

12661 John G. Bourinot: Canada under British Rule 1760-1900

12662 Pansy: Four Girls at Chautauqua

12663 B. M. Bower: The Phantom Herd

12664 Archibald Lampman: Lyrics of Earth

12665 Felix Galipaux: Galipettes (2.368 MByte)

12666 George Sand: Consuelo, v.1 (1861)

12667 Robert Huish: Lander's Travels (1.858 MByte)

12669 Susan Edmonstone Ferrier: Marriage (1.031 MByte)

12670 Giles Lytton Strachey: Landmarks in French Literature

12671 Arthur Benton Sanford: An Easter Disciple

12672 Myrtle Reed: A Spinner in the Sun

12673 Arnold E. Bennett: The Pretty Lady

12674 Andrew Lang: Cock Lane and Common-Sense

12675 Mrs. F. Beavan: Life In The Backwoods Of New Brunswick

12677 Edna Ferber: Personality Plus

12678 William Henry Irwin: The House of Mystery

12679 Don Carlos Janes: A Trip Abroad

12680 I. Zangwill: Children of the Ghetto (1.301 MByte)

12681 Edith Ballinger Price: Us and the Bottleman

12682 Clair W. Hayes: The Boy Allies in Great Peril

12683 Alice Cholmondeley: Christine

12684 Nephi Anderson: Dorian

12686 Owen Johnson: Murder in Any Degree (1.912 MByte)

12687 Arnold Bennett: The Title, A Comedy in Three Acts

12688 J. L. Runeberg: Vanrikki Stoolin tarinat

12689 H. Irving Hancock: The High School Freshmen

12690 H. Irving Hancock: The High School Pitcher

12691 H. Irving Hancock: The High School Left End

12692 H. Irving Hancock: The High School Captain of the Team

12693 Richard Hakluyt: Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques, Vol. 11 (1.003 MByte)

12694 Chauncey Jerome: History of the American Clock Business

12696 Eugene Field: John Smith, U.S.A.

12697 Gertrude Atherton: The Splendid Idle Forties

12698 Herman Bang: Stuk

12699 Anonymous: The Works of Aristotle, the Famous Philosopher (1.555 MByte)

12700 Oliver Wendell Holmes: Ralph Waldo Emerson