Free Kindle Books PG Files 12101 - 12200

12101 Benjamin Brawley: A Social History of the American Negro (1.127 MByte)

12102 Irving Bacheller: Darrel of the Blessed Isles

12103 Beatrix Potter: The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle

12104 Mary Jane Holmes: Ethelyn's Mistake

12105 Dr. Burlureaux: La lutte pour la sante

12106 George Horace Lorimer: Old Gorgon Graham

12107 Various: Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 9, No. 55, May, 1862

12108 Thomas Mann: Der Tod in Venedig

12109 Randolph Caldecott: The House That Jack Built (1.102 MByte)

12110 Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher: The Scornful Lady

12112 Howard Payson: The Boy Scouts of the Eagle Patrol

12113 Hermann Heiberg: Eine vornehme Frau

12115 J Lort Stokes: Discoveries in Australia, Volume 1. (2.401 MByte)

12116 Heinrich Hoffman: Struwwelpeter: Merry Tales and Funny Pictures (1.770 MByte)

12117 Herman Bang: Excentriske noveller

12118 Various: The American Missionary, Vol. 42, No. 5, May, 1888

12119 Sigge Stroemberg: Krigskorrespondenter och andra loegnare

12120 Edouard Laboulaye: Nouveaux contes bleus

12121 W.W. Jacobs: The Lady of the Barge

12122 W.W. Jacobs: The Monkey's Paw

12123 W.W. Jacobs: Bill's Paper Chase

12124 W.W. Jacobs: The Well

12125 W.W. Jacobs: Cupboard Love

12126 W.W. Jacobs: In The Library

12127 W.W. Jacobs: Captain Rogers

12128 W.W. Jacobs: A Tiger's Skin

12129 W.W. Jacobs: A Mixed Proposal

12130 W.W. Jacobs: An Adulteration Act

12131 W.W. Jacobs: A Golden Venture

12132 W.W. Jacobs: Three at Table

12133 W.W. Jacobs: Lady of the Barge and Other Stories, Entire Collection (1.486 MByte)

12134 Various: The American Missionary, Vol. 42, No. 6, June, 1888

12135 Monsieur L'Abbat: The Art of Fencing

12136 Willoughby: Government and Administration of the United States

12137 Victor Hugo: La Legende des Siecles

12139 B. M. Bower: The Gringos

12140 Marcus Porcius Cato; Marcus Terentius Varro: Roman Farm Management

12141 Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher: The Spanish Curate

12142 H.D. Traill: Sterne

12143 Kristina Roy: The Three Comrades

12144 Various: The Continental Classics, Volume XVIII, Mystery Tales

12146 John Lort Stokes: Discoveries in Australia, Volume 2 (1.796 MByte)

12150 M.E. Francis (Mrs. Francis Blundell): North, South and Over the Sea

12151 W.W. Jacobs: Night Watches, Part 1: Back to Back

12152 W.W. Jacobs: Night Watches, Part 2: Keeping Watch

12153 W.W. Jacobs: Night Watches, Part 3: The Understudy

12154 W.W. Jacobs: Night Watches, Part 4: The Weaker Vessel

12155 W.W. Jacobs: Night Watches, Part 5: Stepping Backwards

12156 W.W. Jacobs: Night Watches, Part 6: The Three Sisters

12157 W.W. Jacobs: Night Watches, Part 7: The Unknown

12158 W.W. Jacobs: Night Watches, Part 8: The Vigil

12159 W.W. Jacobs: Night Watches, Part 9: Easy Money

12160 W.W. Jacobs: Night Watches, Part 10: His Other Self

12161 W.W. Jacobs: Night Watches, Complete

12162 W. K. Williams: Communes Of Lombardy From The VI. To The X. Century

12163 H.G. Wells: The Sleeper Awakes

12164 Grace S. Richmond: Strawberry Acres

12165 Pekka Ervast: Salatiedetta omin pain

12167 Herman Bang: Enkens son

12168 Herman Bang: Min gamle kammerat

12169 Kalidasa: Sakoontala or The Lost Ring

12170 James Oliver Curwood: The Wolf Hunters

12171 Edith J. Morley: Women Workers in Seven Professions

12172 Hesba Stretton: Alone In London

12174 Hector Malot: Baccara

12175 Baroness Orczy: The Nest of the Sparrowhawk

12176 Annie Fellows Johnston: The Gate of the Giant Scissors

12177 Elia Wilkinson Peattie: The Precipice

12178 Uuno Kailas: Tuuli ja tahka ynna muita runoja

12179 Herbert Quick: Vandemark's Folly

12180 Samuel Richardson: Clarissa, Vol. 8 (of 9)

12181 Mrs. Humphry Ward: The Story of Bessie Costrell

12182 Arvid Jarnefelt: Veneh'ojalaiset

12183 Mrs. John H. Kinzie: Wau-bun

12184 Lilian Bell: Abroad with the Jimmies

12185 Frances Wilson Huard: My Home In The Field of Honor

12186 Albert G. Mackey: The Principles of Masonic Law

12187 R. Austin Freeman: The Mystery of 31 New Inn (1.136 MByte)

12188 A. Marie Miles: The Key To Peace

12189 Henry Herbert Knibbs: Jim Waring of Sonora-Town

12190 Frank Richard Stockton: The Adventures of Captain Horn

12191 Samuel Rutherford Crockett: Red Axe

12192 B. M. Bower: The Long Shadow

12193 James Henry Foss: The Gentleman from Everywhere

12194 Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev: Liza

12195 Edward Eggleston: The Mystery of Metropolisville

12196 Henry Wallace Phillips: Red Saunders

12197 Henry Wallace Phillips: Mr. Scraggs

12198 Various: Notes & Queries, No. 22, 1850.03.30

12199 Mary Hartwell Catherwood: Chase Of Saint-Castin And Other Stories

12200 Francois Delsarte et al.: Delsarte System of Oratory (1.015 MByte)