Free Kindle Books PG Files 11501 - 11600

11501 Rex Beach: Laughing Bill Hyde and Other Stories

11502 H. G. Wells: An Englishman Looks at the World

11503 Irving Bacheller: Keeping up with Lizzie

11504 Stephen Leacock: Further Foolishness

11505 G. K. Chesterton: All Things Considered

11506 Henry C. Watson: Old Bell Of Independence; Or, Philadelphia In 1776

11507 Elizabeth Gray Potter; Mabel Thayer Gray: The Lure of San Francisco

11508 Colonel William Thompson: Reminiscences of a Pioneer

11509 Richard Newton: The Life of Jesus Christ for the Young, Vol. 3 (4.233 MByte)

11510 Fred Brandt and Andrew Y. Wood: Fascinating San Francisco

11511 Daniel Defoe: Robinsono Kruso

11512 Various: O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories of 1921

11513 Thomas Charles Bridges: On Land And Sea At The Dardanelles (3.130 MByte)

11514 Grace E. King: Balcony Stories (1.229 MByte)

11517 J. A. Graves: Out of Doors--California and Oregon

11520 Ethel M. Dell: The Obstacle Race

11521 Mrs. Oliphant: A Beleaguered City

11524 Various: Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 8, No. 50, December, 1861

11525 Various: Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 3, No. 18, April, 1859

11526 S.M. Fuller: Summer on the Lakes, in 1843

11529 D. Armando Palacio Valdes: La Espuma

11531 Julia Pardoe: The Life of Marie de Medicis, Vol. 1 (of 3) (2.001 MByte)

11532 James Lane Allen: A Kentucky Cardinal

11534 Harry Leon Wilson: The Lions of the Lord (2.203 MByte)

11535 J. Bayard Taylor: Views a-foot

11536 Charles Kingsley: Town and Country Sermons

11544 Works Project Administration: Slave Narratives: Arkansas, Pt. 5

11545 William Priest: Travels in the United States of America

11546 William James Stillman: The Autobiography of a Journalist, Volume I

11547 George Bird Grinnell: Blackfoot Lodge Tales

11549 George L. Prentiss: The Life and Letters of Elizabeth Prentiss (1.520 MByte)

11550 Richard C. Squires: Squash Tennis

11552 Works Project Administration: Slave Narratives: Maryland

11553 Various: The Wonders of Prayer

11554 G.K. Chesterton: The Crimes of England

11555 Miss Coulton: Our Farm of Four Acres and the Money we Made by it

11556 Jules Verne: Facing the Flag

11557 John Morley: On Compromise

11558 Sam G. Goodrich: Poems (2.016 MByte)

11559 John Addington Symonds: Renaissance in Italy, Vol. 3

11560 G. K. Chesterton: The Barbarism of Berlin

11561 Mabel Osgood Wright: People of the Whirlpool

11562 Francis Galton: Inquiries into Human Faculty and Its Development (3.129 MByte)

11563 Frances Ridley Havergal: Morning Bells

11564 Nathaniel Bloomfield: An Essay on War, in Blank Verse

11565 G. A. Henty: Friends, though divided

11571 Punch: Mr. Punch's History of the Great War (12.962 MByte)

11572 George Barr McCutcheon: The Man From Brodney's

11573 James Fenimore Cooper: The Crater (1.121 MByte)

11574 John Bennett: Master Skylark (1.467 MByte)

11575 Various: Notes and Queries, No. 12, 1850.01.19

11576 Lamb: The Works of Charles and Mary Lamb, Vol. 4: Poems and Plays

11577 Various: Notes and Queries, No. 3, 1849.11.17

11579 Captain R. F. Scott: Scott's Last Expedition Volume I (1.119 MByte)

11580 George Jackson: The Teaching of Jesus

11581 Mrs. Belloc Lowndes: From Out the Vasty Deep

11582 James Baldwin: Old Greek Stories (1.647 MByte)

11584 George Gibbs: Madcap

11586 Robert D'Awans: L'Ameublement de l'Hotel de Pitsembourg

11587 Charles Lathrop Pack: The School Book of Forestry (1.131 MByte)

11588 Emile Gaboriau: L'argent des autres

11589 Jules Verne: Le Docteur Ox (1.034 MByte)

11590 Thomas Balch: Les Francais en Amerique 1777-1783 (1.856 MByte)

11591 H. Bertens: Hugo de Groot en zijn rechtsphilosophie

11593 Emerson Hough: The Purchase Price

11594 William James Stillman: The Autobiography of a Journalist, Volume II

11595 A Pastor: The Pearl Box (1.294 MByte)

11596 Guy de Maupassant: La Maison Tellier

11597 Guy de Maupassant: Mlle Fifi

11598 Eliseo Reclus: La Montana

11599 Abigail Stanley Hanna: Withered Leaves from Memory's Garland

11600 Julia Pardoe: The Life of Marie de Medicis, Vol. 2 (of 3) (1.548 MByte)